‘It’s very hard to see to a loved one, with cuffs on, in prison, because there’s nowhere else for him to go’

December 14th, 2022|

Greg is a kind, sensitive man. He has an intellectual disability and pronounced mental health difficulties, and when the services he depended on were removed, everything fell apart, hi [...]

How Prisoners Education Trust is offering vital second chances in Yorkshire: Alan Billings

December 12th, 2022|

Thirty or so years ago, a couple of lawyers, who were regular visitors to a London prison, realising that inmates would only reoffend if they left prison unable to find work, resolved [...]

Identifying childhood trauma a key to rehabilitating, reintegrating prison inmates into society

November 16th, 2022|

SOLEDAD (KPIX) -- For years, prisons were focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. But now, a new approach explores the reasons they ended up behind bars in the first place. E [...]

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