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Social Impact Ireland

One of the main areas for support is our Local Development Companies. To find out more about the Local Development Companies in your area please follow the link below on the Irish Local Development Networks website. For more information on how your Local Development Company be of assistance to you, please feel free to get in touch.

Cork Life Centre is a centre where they believe that everyone has the right to learn in an environment where they feel safe, included and respected. Their diverse population includes students from all backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations.

They strive to provide a learning environment that is understanding, supportive and open to all, and their experienced and dedicated staff are committed to helping each student reach their full potential. Visit them today to find out more – About – Cork Life Centre

Aiséirí Cahir was founded in 1983 by Sr. Eileen Fahey of the Sisters of Mercy. As a nurse, Sr Eileen could see the lack of appropriate treatment for alcoholics who were repeatedly presenting in hospital. Sr. Eileens vision was to provide compassionate, understanding and safe environment – Aiseiri Rehabilitation Clinics

CASP is dedicated to providing a holistic, integrated, ethically-based, community-focused substance addiction treatment service. Our focus is the physical, psychological, social and emotional needs of people who use substances and their families – CASP Home – Drug Addiction Treatment Service | Clondalkin, Dublin

Crosscare exists to support people and families when they face difficult challenges in life and when they find it hard to get the help they need. Crosscare focuses on helping people when they need it most or when they can’t find support anywhere else – Crosscare – Supporting those most in need with Love, Respect and Excellence

National Directory of Drugs and Alcohol Services – Drug and Alcohol Information and Support in Ireland –

In partnership with the Irish Prison Service and the Probation Service, our mission is to provide a wide range of resettlement and reintegration supports to criminal justice clients, including access to training, education and employment – Employment Supports | Jobs For Marginalised | Resettlement Services (

The Simon Communities of Ireland are a network of independent communities across the country that provide homeless, housing and treatment services to people facing the trauma and stress of homelessness. With a proud history of over 50 years responding to local needs, the Simon Communities of Ireland works to end long-term homelessness in Ireland, and ensure that homelessness where it does occur is rare, short-term and non-recurring – Ending Homelessness in Ireland – Simon Communities in Ireland

FLAC is an independent voluntary organisation. Our aim is to promote equal access to justice for everybody – FLAC – Promoting access to justice | Home Page

Through her research, Sr Stan realised the importance of involving people who are homeless, or have been directly affected by homelessness, in the development of homelessness services.

In 1985, two years after the initial research Focus Point (now Focus Ireland) opened its doors on Eustace Street in Dublin’s Temple Bar. The organisation provided advice, information, advocacy and help with finding a home – as well as a warm welcoming place to meet and have a low-cost meal – Focus Ireland | Challenging homelessness. Changing lives.

The Forward Trust empowers people to break the cycles of addiction or crime to move forward with their lives. Since 1991, we have been working with people to build positive and productive futures – Forward Trust

We want to see every person we work with reach their potential to find their place in society, start families of their own and enjoy independent life. Some will need a greater intervention than others, but we are always person-centric because each resident has their own story to tell, their own trauma, their own triggers and their own treatment – Front Page – Hope and Vision Communities

We believe if people are wanting to maintain their lifestyle choice, we will assist to make it as safe as possible, with minimum impact to their family and community.

We are committed to change, quality, honesty, innovation and integrity. These strong values are at the heart of all we do, because we believe in people’s capacity to change – Frontline – Make Change (

We provide support to individuals who are coping with addiction issues either living in the community or in prison. We offer support such as key working, counselling, holistic therapies and group work addressing both therapeutic and social skills. Supported Community Employment options is also available to service users accessing our service. In addition we have developed an exciting new family communications programme for families with a parent in prison. Our office is based Cherry Orchard. Dublin 10 – Fusion CPL

People who have had difficult pasts, including ex-offenders and people in recovery from addiction, are often desperate to turn their lives around. But sadly, there are many obstacles in their way. Stigma and negative stereotypes are preventing them from achieving the change they so badly want.

Many have also experienced abuse and trauma during childhood, as well as mental health problems. Their addictions and negative behaviour can stem from these unresolved issues. Research has found:

Negative experiences during childhood increases the risk of becoming an alcoholic by 700%1

75% of people in recovery and ex-offenders felt that they would be turned down for jobs for disclosing their past

A quarter of people in recovery had been turned down at least three times after disclosing their past.

More Than My Past is a national campaign that doing something about this. We’re showing that ex-offenders and people in recovery not only want to change and succeed – they can and do! We’re doing this by sharing stories of people from all walks of life – helping to show the inspirational truth about those who have overcome addiction and offending. You can get involved today by sharing your story, joining the movement, or finding help for yourself or someone you know – Home – More Than My Past

Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change (RJS4C) aims to support the development of restorative justice in Europe.

In ten countries, a core group of four persons – the ‘Core Members’ – are collaborating with domestic policymakers, practitioners, researchers, activists and other interested parties – the ‘Stakeholder Group’ – to co-create national strategies to guide their work – Home – Restorative Justice

PACE aims to support the integration process of people with criminal convictions and bring about positive change in their lives, and by doing so, help to prevent further harm in the community – HOME (

“Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.”

Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) is Ireland’s leading non-governmental organisation campaigning for the rights of people in prison and the progressive reform of Irish penal policy.

Established in 1994, IPRT has a well-established role as an independent voice in public debate on the Irish penal system.

IPRT is committed to reducing imprisonment, respecting the rights of everyone in the penal system, and progressive reform of the penal system based on evidence-led policies. In operational terms this means our focus is on: the use of imprisonment, including sentencing; alternatives to custody and diversion; and the treatment of those in detention – Home | Irish Penal Reform Trust (

Peter McVerry Trust is a national housing and homeless charity committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by substance misuse and social disadvantage – Homepage – Peter McVerry Trust