Peer Mentoring Programme

Who is peer mentoring intended for?
This programme targets ex-offenders who are navigating the challenging transition period after being released from prison, providing them with essential support.

What does the programme offer?
Participants are paired with a personal peer mentor who is trained in mentoring and has first-hand experience with reintegration and resettlement. This initiative promises a non-judgmental, secure, and private environment, promoting dignity and autonomy through a person-centred approach.

What is this programme?
The peer mentoring program serves as a beneficial support system for individuals re-entering society post-incarceration.

What does a mentor do?
A mentor is someone who has also experienced incarceration and understands the challenges faced upon release. They offer a supportive ear and share their personal insights and strategies that aided their own reintegration.

Key focus areas of peer mentoring sessions

Accommodation: Ensuring a safe and appropriate living arrangement, managing bills and rent, and adhering to housing regulations.

Education, training, and employment: Encouraging productive use of time through work, training, education, and volunteering. Helps in crafting resumes and preparing disclosure statements.

Health and wellbeing: Addresses health care, housekeeping, and mental health issues like depression, stress, or anxiety. Focuses on boosting self-esteem, maintaining positivity, and managing expectations.

Substance use: Tackles issues related to illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, misuse of prescription medication, and other addictions.

Finance, benefits, and debt: Provides guidance on budgeting, navigating benefits, and debt management.

Family and community relationships: Aims to build nurturing relationships characterised by warmth and mutual support. Covers child custody, parenting responsibilities, maintaining family contacts, and facilitating positive social interactions within the community.

Behavioural adjustments: Helps in managing emotions, dealing with anger, and curbing negative impulses. Encourages lawful behaviour and compliance with legal conditions.

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