Peer Mentoring Programme

Who is peer mentoring for?

Former offenders who need support during the transitional and difficult time on release from prison.

What is on Offer?

A personal peer mentor who has been trained in mentoring and has experience of reintegration and resettlement.  A non-judgmental, safe, and confidential space; Dignity and autonomy through a person-centred approach.

What is it?

The Peer Mentoring Programme is a positive support for those coming out of prison.

What is a mentor?

A peer who has been in prison and who understands the difficulties people face when they are released.  They provide a ‘safe pair of ears’ and can help by sharing their own experience and knowledge of what helped them during their reintegration.

The peer mentoring sessions will explore the following key areas for integration

1: Accommodation

A safe and suitable home, paying bills and rent, staying within the rules.

2: Education Training and Employment

Positive use of time. Work, training, education, volunteering, purposeful activities, meaning in your life.  CV and disclosure statements.

3: Health and Wellbeing

Health and personal care, cooking, cleaning, paperwork.  Mental health, depression, stress or anxiety, self-esteem, feeling positive, hopes, fears and expectations.

4: Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal drugs, problematic drinking, misuse of prescription drugs and other addictions.

5: Finance, Benefits and debt

Budgeting, benefits and managing debt.

6: Children, Families and Communities

Building healthy relationships with warmth, mutual support and respect.  Custody of children, responsibilities and parenting skills, maintaining contact
and reconnecting.  Positive friendships and activities, social skills, community, faith and culture.

7: Thinking, Attitudes and Behaviours

Managing strong feelings, dealing with anger, stress and frustration, negative
impulses, not doing harm. Attitude to crime, criminal or anti-social behaviour, complying with legal conditions.

Reference from Strengths Based Model Practiced by the Turnaround Project for more information see

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