Amicitia – Ami Internship Programme

Amicitia and Spéire Nua have teamed up to create an internship programme that gives our clients a chance to gain new skills and to show their commitment to personal growth. This internship is designed to rotate, allowing participants to experience different roles and responsibilities every month. Here’s what the five-month programme includes:

  1. Community Café Work: Participants spend the first month working at a community café. Here, they learn customer service skills and get first-hand experience in a fast-paced, public-serving environment.

  2. Community Gardens and Biodiversity: During the second month, participants work in the community gardens and help with biodiversity efforts around Athenry. This experience teaches them about environmental care and gardening skills.

  3. Technology and Digital Skills: In the third month, interns assist with technology installations for Independent Living Ireland, and/or learn computer skills like social media marketing. This helps them understand technology’s role in modern business and improves their digital literacy.

  4. Event Management: The fourth month is dedicated to managing community events with Amicitia’s Sustainable Development Goals Lab. Participants gain valuable experience in administration and event planning.

  5. Research and Study: The final month involves researching social enterprises, cooperative business models, sustainability projects, and community engagement programmes. This helps participants understand different business and community strategies, preparing them for diverse roles in their future careers.

Each stage of the internship is structured to build upon the previous experiences, ensuring that participants develop a broad range of skills and a solid portfolio demonstrating their dedication to changing and improving their lives.

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