Spéire Nua Services

At Spéire Nua, our role is to help you realise your true potential and to add a value to your effort to change. Moving on from a way of life which is probably all that you ever knew is no easy feat. Having labels attached to your name can be debilitating and restrictive. With Spéire Nua, we aim to relieve the restrictiveness of a poor background for someone that is looking to progress. Based on your own efforts to change, we will assist you in proving that you are more than your past.

What we offer

  1. Peer Support
  2. Educational programmes and activities
  3. Guidance
  4. Referral system for guidance counselling and addiction counselling
  5. Coping with change (peer support)
  6. Relaxation techniques
  7. Health and fitness
  8. Study support
  9. Exam and college preparation
  10. Job preparation and CV support
  11. Community education

for more information contact damien@speirenua.org