Call To Action For Employers

Get involved with Spéire Nua today to play your own part in reducing offending behaviour by simply providing an opportunity of employment to a person that has the right skills for your organisation.

Ask yourself does the job you offer today have inclusive language that is opens the job to everyone and does not exclude anyone from applying.

Does the language used in your job spots exclude certain people will be excluded from applying? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why. There is an untapped talent pool making their way back into society, people that have learned from the errors of their ways, people that have worked really hard to change their behaviour, people that have become highly skilled and job ready, people that will only need one chance.

We say with certainty that those with convictions are not out there applying for jobs because they want to continue a negative lifestyle. They are actively looking to change the circumstances that prevailed, they want to contribute, they want to conform, they want to give back and play an honest role in society.

Can you help them do just that?

We ask you to focus on the skills and competencies needed to carry out the task at hand rather than the mistakes people have made in the past and cannot change.

Everyone wins when someone turns their life around…. Be the organisation that plays a part in making that happen!

All anybody really needs is one last chance and that chance will be grabbed with both hands.

Be the employer that changes a person’s outlook on life, be the employer that gives a person something to get up for, be the employer that gives people that chance, play your part in reducing inequalities, be part of bringing about the change your community needs to see, pledge your support as an inclusive employer with Spéire Nua today and feature your logo and weblink on our website! To quote our very first partner organisation Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, be the change you seek!

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